Welcome to Sue Anna Mary’s Rosaries & Chaplets

Sue Ann Goodwin

Welcome to Rosaries & Chaplets by Sue Anna Mary! My mission is to serve the Lord by making high quality, custom handmade rosaries for women, men, children, and special occasions. Please browse my website for examples of my work. All rosaries and chaplets are special made to order. Contact me for more information. 10% of the proceeds from rosary and chaplet sales will be donated to the Franciscans that take care of holy sites in Jerusalem.

Rosaries can be made from a wide variety of stones including: moonstone, boulder opal (in various shades), peruvian opal, amethyst, jade, tigereye (in various shades), pearl, jasper, onyx, quartz, swarovski crystal, etc. The We are One Body Rosary for men and women is an exclusive rosary designed by my husband and features 59 different beads! Rosaries for men and women are normally made using 8mm and 10mm beads. The stones used may be a faceted or smooth stone depending on availability. Rosaries are made in either sterling silver or gold filled.

Sue Anna Mary in real life is Sue Ann Goodwin. Sue Ann was born in the South and was raised as a Baptist. In early adulthood, she converted to Catholicism and her faith has been a blessing to her throughout her adult life.

One night she attended a Catholic play entitled “Late Night Catechism” in which Sister Mary Ignatius said that every woman should have Mary in her name. So on that night, Sue Ann became “Sue Anna Mary”. Sometime after that night, Sue Anna Mary had a dream that she had made 4 rosaries. She had no idea what the significance of the dream was but she felt that the Holy Spirit or maybe Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus was definitely calling her to make Catholic rosaries. She immediately began surfing the internet to learn the techniques for making rosaries. Then she began searching for rosary materials. She visited almost every bead shop in the city of Houston. Then off she went to the International Gem and Jewelry show in search of beads, jump rings, end caps, rondells and other materials and tools to facilitate her rosary and chaplet making.

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