Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis Rosary


Grey Swarovski Crystal Rosary with Bali Silver

This is an 8mm gray faceted Swarovski crystal rosary with an Aurora Borealis coating. The Our Fathers are 10mm faceted Swarvoski crystals without AB coating The bead caps are Bali silver. They are one of my favorites as it gives the rosary an antique look. The sterling silver center is the Mother and child with a simple 2″ crucifix.

Aurora Borealis was a name Swarovski used in partnership with Dior in 1956 to describe the effect achieved when a very thin layer of gold was vacuum-coated onto the surface of crystal. The play of facets, reflections and colours of this coating made an effect similar to viewing the Aurora Borealis… It is often shorten to the term AB coating.


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